Photo by Alex Lombardi

Photo by Alex Lombardi

Storytelling runs through my blood. From the time I could write, I kept a journal, crafting stories about my experiences and my community, and unlocking a passion that would eventually lead to a 15-year career in journalism. Those years taught me how to listen and observe, how to pursue and unveil the truth — not just facts, but insights into our joys, fears, ambitions and aspirations — and how to trust myself and my instincts.

But while I started this journey with ink and paper, my compulsion to get closer to each person and place I encountered drew me toward my camera. And the moments I’ve captured with this tool — from Buenos Aires to Bogota, Auckland to San Juan  — could have taken me lifetimes to authentically translate. 

Today, I still seek the truth in everything I do. Whether I’m shooting an album cover, a brand campaign or an intimate portrait, I strive to capture and reveal your authentic story. And I care as much about helping you flourish within the theme of the shoot as I do about crafting the end image.

My name is Rachael and I am a Los Angeles-based photographer and creative director who specializes in commercial, branding, lifestyle and portrait photography. I work with people, artists, designers and brands to develop and execute photo campaigns that tell their stories. My work has recently been published in the New York Times, Entertainment WeeklyPeople, Hollywood ReporterLA Yoga, and Voyage LA, and has appeared on book covers, album covers, billboards, and posters. My current project, Warrior Woman, is an ongoing series dedicated to revealing the profound beauty, intense passion and raw power of women.  

I'd love to work with you! For bookings and inquiries, contact me at, or 305-409-8388. Cheers!