“I was almost written off. It's obvious some folks don't know who I am. Which part of ‘I ain't got time for cancer’ was not clear?"

"I do not fear death. We are all dying. It's the only guarantee in life, but how I die will be on my terms. I'm THAT badass.”

"On my good days, I make a point to focus on what's most important — tasks, errands, goals I've put aside for whatever reason. It's not easy, but if I can get one thing done that makes me happy, I consider it a win. I still have too much to accomplish, and baby-stepping it is OK."

"When the Universe hands you lemons, bring the tequila, I say!" 

"I know this journey will continue to have its difficult days, but TODAY is a good day! Cancer ain't got nothing on me! I look forward to catching up with my healthier self in the near future. It's just a matter of time, patience, dedication, perseverance and persistence. There is no other alternative."

"I've lived by the motto, 'What doesn't kill you makes you stronger,’ and let me tell you, when I'm done with this battle, I'm going to be a bigger, badder and more empowered Goddess. I feel it in my bones."

"Mother Nature is how I reset. I miss spontaneous trips to the beach or hikes in the park, and I look forward to the day my body is back to good health and I can run through the forest again."

"What gives me strength and the will power to get out of bed most mornings is my Tribe. I refuse to be selfish and allow depression or negativity to overwhelm me. I'm too awesome to allow my Tribe to live without me."


"I live in constant gratitude knowing I'm surrounded by people who genuinely love me unconditionally and will drop everything in a heartbeat to help and support me. They know the good, bad and ugly parts of me, and yet every person in my inner circle continues to stick by me like white on rice."

"This disease has put my body through the wringer, but the Universe gave me this to perk up my spirit and remind me of who I am. The Universe has never given me more than I can handle.”

"Ultimately, this cancer has forced me to slow the fuck down and reflect on what is most important to me."