Warrior Woman, Vol. 1

Selena O'Sullivan

Look closely. Do you see it? It’s there, in the depth of her eyes, the line of her jaw and the hew of her blade. It’s that indomitable ferocity of a life lived on her own terms. She’s a warrior. And we are surrounded by her as she strives to assert her personhood against the tsunami of forces that continually tries to drown out her voice. Meet Selena.

This series aims to explore and capture the profound beauty, intense passion and raw power of women. Each volume is a collaboration with a different woman, designed to reveal her vision of her warrior self in her own words.

"Every day is a battle. I strive to live victorious."

"I feel more comfortable with a blade on my belt or a sword at my side. It's not that I want to use it. It's that you don't want me to use it."

"I'm strong. I have muscles. I'm a girl. Deal with it."

"Some girls want to look small and cute to attract a big, strong man. I wanted to be the big, strong man."

"Anything can be a weapon. It's all in how you use it."

"Training to fight gives me more peace than I ever imagined."

"The strength of a blade of grass is seen only in tempests."

"The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting."

"Until we meet again."